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Learn about the Benefits of Echo H2 Water

Millions of people have heard of hydrogen, alkaline, or ionized water.  The big question is…”can it really help me because the more I try to learn the more confused I am”?

Here are the facts…Water electrolysis was discovered in 1800 by Anthony Carlisle, a surgeon in London.  The question is why would a surgeon be interested in water electrolysis. The answer is that Hydrogen was known to provide reduction of oxidation.  He was looking for a way to produce Hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen is also called diatomic Hydrogen gas. In an Echo® Machine molecular Hydrogen is dissolved in the water during electrolysis.

The benefits of drinking Echo® water come from:

1. Hydration and
2. dissolved molecular Hydrogen.
There are over 600 studies showing that molecular Hydrogen has therapeutic benefits with over 150 human disease models. Scientists have found over 200 bio-molecules that are regulated by molecular hydrogen. The majority of people and companies who sell devices that make alkaline or ionized water really don’t understand the mechanism of how it works.
benefits of echo waterThey talk about pH or micro-clustering. Unfortunately, these things are pseudoscience and are simply not true.

It is really simple to understand how an electrolysis machine works and what it does because it is simple chemistry. Electrolysis is a hydrogen generator. The tricky part is that producing Hydrogen is not enough…the device needs to dissolve the Hydrogen in the water. This is critical because after only 2 weeks most water electrolysis machines have enough mineral build up on the cathode that they can no longer dissolve a detectable amount of molecular Hydrogen and therefore the machine is largely useless. Echo® uses a patented technology that makes it impossible for minerals to build up on the cathode in the electrolysis chamber. This, and the proprietary electrode design is the biggest advancement in the history of water electrolysis.

Even though the other companies claim that there system has automatic cleaning…the Echo® system is the only technology that actually works by making it impossible for scale build up in the first place. The result is that molecular Hydrogen is being dissolved in high concentration without the need of constant maintenance or cleaning the electrolysis chamber with citric acid.

Molecular Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant because it converts the cytotoxic “OH*” radicals into water molecules in the cells.

The Critical Points To Understand About Hydrogen and Echo H2 Water…

1. The therapeutic benefits, in what is called alkaline or ionized water, is not from increased pH. Even though good meaning sales people talk about the pH being the cause of the benefits…it simply is not true. The therapeutic benefit of Ionized or Alkaline Water comes from molecular Hydrogen.
hydrogen water

Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 600 studies to have positive effects on 150 different human diseases. There are few studies on alkaline water, which suggest it may offer some slight medical benefits. The main benefit of drinking water with a slightly higher pH is faster gastric emptying or absorption. The stomach will release the higher pH water into the small intestine more quickly because the pyloric valve is pH sensitive. The faster gastric emptying is mostly a function of pH.

2. After the water containing molecular hydrogen is absorbed through the small intestines, the Hydrogen gas enters the cells of the body and combines with Hydroxyl Radicals to create a water molecule in the cells (2OH* + H2 –> 2H2O). This is very powerful from a perspective of cellular hydration, detoxification, and increased energy.