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WOW – All I can say is I am very happy with this water system and proud to give it to my kids and clients. The CuZn pre-filter is perfect, does what it says, and I’m achieving ORP levels of about -850!
The CuZn water system that pre-filters my water ionizer is a perfect match. For the price and what it does I couldn’t be happier. Sourcing city water, I definitely don’t want the heavy metals, fluoride, chloramines and all the other junk that’s not healthy in the water!

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David Drimmel
David DrimmelFounder & C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Hello! Thanks for visiting Green Living Improvements. Being in the wellness industry since 2009, I have created a passion for finding products I need that have integrity and really do what is claimed. I am passionate about promoting & living a holistic lifestyle, contributing to health & longevity, and the restoration of our environment. In my search for necessary goods, I don’t always find local and sustainable products, so this is why I created this online store. The products available here are what I’ve researched to be the best around! Not only that, my health is important to me, so if what I’m getting doesn’t produce results or assist my body in staying healthy, kiss recognition goodbye!

So what is the Green Living Website for? 

The Green Living Improvement’s online store is a one stop shop loaded with custom options for your water quality needs including whole house saltless water softening systems, kitchen, bath, and top quality air purification systems for home and commercial. We also provide education and resources to help you with making the best choice for your unique water quality needs and all things green living. Want to install yourself and you’re a home owner? We have DIY videos available. We will ship anywhere in the US and Canada. ALL CuZn products are made in the U.S.A.

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You can be sure you’re getting quality with CuZn’s committment to purity through NSF and WQA testing, including Gold Seal Quality from the Water Quality Association.